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My first love who can love me the way you do
Care for me the way you do
Feed me the way you do
Clothes me the way you do
The first woman I ever fall in love with
She looks into my eyes and know why am around
She never hesitate to answer my call
Nor choose not to hear me out
The woman who first love me and teach me how to love
She only eat when am fed and sleep when am asleep
She covers me against the cold and mosquitoes of the night
So my sleep could be a smooth journey to the dream land.
This was love at first sight
No condition was attached before she love me
No suspicious look when I arrived
Instead with a soft voice you call me babe
I looked into her eyes and felt accepted by her charming smile
Brimful day-to-day love outpouring on me
Kept me thinking if am the prince of the earth and the chosen one of heaven
To be curdle, embrace and adored with passionate and ardent kiss on the forehead
You have shown me what true love is all about
You never gave up on me
When am down you lifted me
When am scared you comforted me
You choose to love me without seeing my face
You waited to hold me without knowing the colour of my skin
Only because we chatted through a special cable link
And transmitted on the same frequency level
I have become too familiar with your face and the tone of your voice
I feel happy and secured with you
Because you have never betrayed me
Your love for me never fades but waxes stronger day after day.
My sweet mother, my defender
You loved me right when I was in the womb
Even now in my adulthood you still treat me like that fragile baby
Always ready to attained to my needs
Such is the love of a mother
Nursing their child and praying for them
Wishing that the angel will protect their love
The first love which crisscross through the umbilical-cord
Truly is the most binding love.

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