*A human head remains

conscious for about 15 to

20 seconds after it is been


*Over 2500 left handed

people are killed each year

from using products made

for right handed people.

*When Thomas Edison died in

1941;Henry Ford captured

his last dying breath in a


*Ancient Egyptians shaved

off their eye brows to mourn

the death of their cats.

*Cancer is the second

leading cause of death in


Number one is heart


*Only one in two billion

people will live to be 116


or older.

*When MahatmaGandhi died,

an autopsy revealed that

his small intestine

contained five gold

Krug errands.

*A body decomposes four

times as fast in water than

on land.

*Dr.Alice Chase,who wrote

‘Nutrition for Health’,

died of malnutrition.

*Cockroaches can live for

nine days without their

heads,at which point they

die of starvation.

*In Erwin,Tennessee an

elephant was once hanged

for murder.

*On average,right-h anded

people live 9years longer

than their left-handed


*A murder is committed in

the US every 23minutes,

which makes about 22852

murders each year.

*In 1992,approximat ely 750

deaths occurred in the

United States due to

work place violence.

*In the United States,

poisoning is the fourth

leading cause of death

among children.

*Influenza caused over

twenty-one million deaths

in 1918.

*Each year in America there

are about 300,000 deaths

that can be attributed to


*Diabetes is the fourth

leading cause of death in

the U.S.,accounting for

about 180,000 deaths per


*The leading cause of deaths

for children between the

ages of 1 and 4 are motor


*Over the last 50years in

the UnitedStates,

approximately9, 000people

have died as a result of

tornadoes,5,000 as the

result of floods,and4,000

as the result of


*When a person dies,hearing

is generally the last sense,

to go. The first sense lost

is usually sight.Then

follows taste,smell,and


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