Search for Common Ground (SFCG) Job Recruitment (5 Positions)


Search for Common Ground (SFCG) is an international non-profit organization that promotes the peaceful resolution of conflict. With headquarters in Washington, DC and Brussels, Belgium, Search’s mission is to transform how individuals, organizations, and governments deal with conflict – away from destructive approaches towards cooperative solutions. With more than 600 staff worldwide, Search implements projects in more than 30 countries across the globe.

We are recruiting to fill the positions below:

1) Job Title: Media Officer – ‘Love in time of Corona’ Project

Locations: Maiduguri- Borno, Delta, Jos – Plateau,
Programs: Africa – West
Duration: 12 Months
Full Time – Local

About the Project

  • Search for Common Ground (Search) in partnership with the European Union will implement  a rapid-response “Love in the Time of Corona” campaign that will support an effective, conflict-sensitive response to the COVID-19 pandemic in a way that prevents further deterioration of social cohesion in fragile contexts in Africa, namely in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and Nigeria.
  • This  action has a two-fold purpose: on the one hand, it aims to render the response to the pandemic in the targeted countries more effective by ensuring citizen acceptance of the response through access to reliable information on the other, it will mitigate the negative impact of the crisis on social cohesion and prevent it from exacerbating existing conflict dynamics.
  • The Media products will Demystify myths around Covid19 disease; Inspiring hope to vulnerable communities in the covid19 context; Show best practices in coping with Covid19 fears and uncertainties and Incorporate satire to share key information on Covid19 prevention.

About the Position

  • Search intends to recruit 3 Media Officers (Maiduguri, Delta and Jos) who will be responsible for the capacity-building, relationship-building, coaching of partner radio stations and co-production of radio programs under the project.
  • The position holder will support local radio stations in their planning, production, publicity, outreach and broadcast of two weekly radio programs: a weekly live radio talk show and a weekly radio drama, monitor the work and airing of partner radio stations, monitor the airing of spots and jingles and collect feedback from listeners.
  • S/he will work under the direct supervision of the National Media Manager and will work closely with the Design, Monitoring and Evaluation team, and other project team members. The position holder will supervise and closely monitor the work of the radio producers based in the partner FM radio station.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Support the media manager in managing the COVID-19 ‘Love in time of Corona Project’ media outreach activities, including programmatic, compliance, personnel, financial, and administrative matters.
  • Ensures all activities are conducted in accordance with Search policies and donor rules and regulations
  • Nurture positive relationships with partner radio station and producers of these radio station
  • Support local radio stations in their planning, production, publicity, outreach and broadcast of two weekly radio programs: a weekly live radio talk show and a weekly radio drama.
  • Radio talk show: The program will bring health experts from the public and private sector, Ministry of information, Ministry of health, NCDC officials, Economists, caregivers, Transport workers, Market Leaders, Opinion Leaders,  citizens, community leaders, and civil society together to discuss COVID-19 issues. These issues will be selected to correspond with topics focused on in the project as a whole.
  • Develop activity work plans, radio program production and broadcast plans and strategies;
  • Lead the curriculum process using Search’s common ground approach to develop the intended outcomes, knowledge, attitude and behaviour change objectives for the radio programs, determine the target audience, and key messages of the radio programs;
  • Develop and implement the promotion, publicity and outreach plan and strategy to promote and publicize the radio programs and spots/jingles among its target audience;
  • Support the Media Manager and Grants Coordinator to prepare Terms of Reference and Contracts for the Partner FM stations and the Radio Producers;
  • Oversee and ensure the quality of the production of the radio programs;
  • Keep track of media logs, monitor the broadcast of the radio programs and provide regular feedback to the partner FM radio station;
  • Provide necessary support to the Social Media Coordinator to manage social media profiles relating to the project, including publishing and distributing content, running campaigns and monitoring progress;
  • Listen and report all aired episodes of radio program and provide constructive feedback to the producers and presenters;
  • Provide regular coaching and mentoring support to the radio producers and presenters;
  • Coordinate with the program teams to integrate program messages into media programming streams;
  • Track organization’s news coverage through online and traditional sources;
  • Provide support in writing, formatting and editing communications/media/outreach materials;
  • Develop relations with media actors and assist in mobilizing media for events where necessary;
  • Capture photos and success stories in all Search meetings, trainings and events;
  • Provide monitoring data to the DM&E manager and share success stories and impact stories as a result of radio programs;
  • Provide media reports and documentation and share progress, challenges, and lessons learned  to support the Project Manager to write periodic progress reports;

Note: As job descriptions cannot be exhaustive, the position holder may be required to undertake other duties that are broadly in line with the above key duties.

Educational Background:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Radio Production, Media, Journalism, Communication, Development Communications or a related area;

Experience Required:

  • At least 2 years of experience in producing and coordinating radio programs and radio teams;
  • Track record of producing successful radio programs in Nigeria, preferably using radio magazine, discussions, talk  shows formats;
  • Ability to communicate in local languages will be a big advantage;
  • Experience of producing and coordinating health-related programs/campaign will be an added advantage;
  • Significant experience designing and conducting training courses in journalism and media;
  • Experience in media program design, including drama, sports, news & current affairs;
  • Track record in delivering effective media/communications/advocacy strategies in support of  campaigns and advocacy programmes;

Relevant Skills and Abilities:

  • Understand key opportunities in Nigerian media markets and a thorough understanding of requirements of different kinds of media i.e. print, TV, radio, and online;
  • A good understanding of target audience, intended outcome programming, behaviour change communications, and edutainment approaches;
  • Excellent written and verbal communications skills;
  • Ability to work effectively in a team environment and strong interpersonal skills.
Application Closing Date
3rd August, 2020.

2) Job Title: Project Assistant – Conflict Sensitivity

Location: Katsina
Programs: Africa – West
Duration: 6 months
Full Time – Local

Position Summary

  • Under the supervision of Search’s National Programme Manager (NPM) in Nigeria, the Project Assistant- Conflict Sensitivity will be responsible for the monitoring, and quality delivery of the conflict sensitivity component for a food security assistance program for Northwest Nigeria, which will be implemented by a consortium of partners.
  • He/she shall ensure that the project’s plans are in place and kept updated as per the consortium’s overall objective; and that the conflict sensitivity activities are implemented in line with the overall programme strategy.
  • The Project Assistant will be based in Katsina State to effectively run the project.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Support the NPM to develop the Conflict Sensitivity approach with regular analysis of political and security developments in Katsina State and the Northwest Region.
  • Provide quality leadership in the coordination and management of Search’s activities in Katsina State.
  • Organize and participate in workshops, needs assessments, consultations, planning sessions, and provide technical inputs as necessary.
  • Help ensure project activities are implemented with a consistent conflict-sensitive framework: i.e. support conflict and context assessments, provide support and training
  • Help identify the gaps and requirements for the consortium in relation to the prevention of violent conflict.
  • Develop relations with partners and work towards the enhancement of the consortium through the development of understanding and capacity of the consortium to implement activities under the principle of Do No Harm.
  • Support in the organization and implementation of activities; assistance in the design and delivery of training and other support activities.
  • Contribute to effective communication and reporting on project activities in the field.
  • Provide inputs for periodic technical reviews and manage changes in program direction and focus; project monitoring, evaluation, accountability & learning, etc.
  • Conduct frequent supervision and monitoring visits to project areas and identify any issues needing attention related to implementation, compliance, and program quality standards.
  • Work closely with the Search team and the consortium partners for the implementation of learning and recommendations from external or internal reviews and feedback.
  • Work with the project team to develop a detailed costed work plan at the start of the project and ensure monthly updates are made to the output databases.
  • Ensure that beneficiaries have access to feedback mechanisms and that data is monitored and responses are given within appropriate periods.
  • In consultation with NPM, represent Search at meetings, seminars, coordination fora, and other events.
  • Ensure good collaboration and working relationships with the government and other relevant partners.
  • Create appropriate links, working procedures and information sharing with key stakeholders
  • Work with other consortium members to increase cross-organizational planning and learning
  • Ensure project reports are produced on time and to a high standard.
  • Provide brief updates (bi-weekly or weekly) to the NPM and members.
  • Submit weekly update reports-including conflict updates, trends, etc. in the region to the NPM.
  • Provide the NPM with timely responses to queries.
  • Report any new developments, problems, and challenges encountered in implementation promptly.

Note: As job descriptions cannot be exhaustive, the position holder may be required to undertake other duties that are broadly in line with the above key duties.

Educational Background:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Peacebuilding, Development Studies or a related discipline (or equivalent experience);

Required Experience:

  • At least 1 year experience of project implementation, including engagement with several actors – governments, community, and religious leaders, civil society, governments, specialist networks, etc.

Other Relevant Requirements:

  • A good understanding of Kastina State and Northwest Nigeria, particularly in terms of key political, social and economic issues
  • Resident in Katsina, speaks local language (Hausa, Fulfulde, etc.) and understands the terrain
  • Good knowledge of the discourse on conflict dynamics in Kastina State and the implications of development programming on security and security sector development, community security, human rights & conflict prevention, peacebuilding, and related issues.
  • Excellent diplomacy and interpersonal skills and an ability to work in a non-partisan manner, appreciating gender, cultural and ethnic diversity
  • Ability to work individually, but also with experience of working effectively as part of a team
  • Ability to manage multiple tasks effectively with attention to detail and an orderly approach to tasks
  • Strong analytical skills, including drafting reports and briefings
  • Fluency in English (written and spoken).
  • Must have a ‘hands-on’, practical mentality, be self-driven, and very motivated.

Application Closing Date
3rd August, 2020.

3) Job Title: Social Media Officer – ‘Love in time of Corona’ Project

Location: Abuja
Programs: Africa – West
Duration: 12 months
Full Time – Local

About the Project

  • Search for Common Ground (Search) in partnership with the European Union will implement  a rapid-response “Love in the Time of Corona” campaign that will support an effective, conflict-sensitive response to the COVID-19 pandemic in a way that prevents further deterioration of social cohesion in fragile contexts in Africa, namely in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and Nigeria.
  • This  action has a two-fold purpose: on the one hand, it aims to render the response to the pandemic in the targeted countries more effective by ensuring citizen acceptance of the response through access to reliable information on the other, it will mitigate the negative impact of the crisis on social cohesion and prevent it from exacerbating existing conflict dynamics.
  • The Media products will Demystify myths around Covid19 disease; Inspiring hope to vulnerable communities in the covid19 context; Show best practices in coping with Covid19 fears and uncertainties and Incorporate satire to share key information on Covid19 prevention.

About the Position

  • A professional, motivated, and creative Social Media Officer who will be responsible for social media accounts, producing and curating content that reflects communications priorities and key messages and speaks effectively to the audience.
  • The position holder will be responsible for monitoring and moderating comments on social media posts, intervening as appropriate to answer questions and guide the conversation regarding the COVID-19 Love in time of Corona Project.
  • The position holder is expected to be based in Abuja
  • S/he will work under the direct supervision of the Communications Coordinator and will work closely with the media/DMEL team  and other project team members.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Support country level social media strategies in response to COVID-19 that allows for large scale dissemination of accurate information to clients and displaced populations in real time
  • Support a programmatic social media strategy for COVID-19 response in line with Search commitment to providing accessible, clear and accurate information in this changing environment
  • Create, write, and publish trending news content for the centre daily.
  • Stay up-to-date with developments in and generate new ideas to draw the audience’s attention
  • Manage content distribution to online channels and social media platforms to increase web traffic.
  • Produce social media content from the field, including photos and short videos.
  • Develop high-impact social media content including graphics, videos and other multimedia formats  that effectively informs and engages external audiences and supports media and advocacy campaigns.
  • Provide social media reports/documentation, analytics and share progress with the communications coordinator.
  • Communicate with industry professionals and influencers via social media to create a strong network

Note: As job descriptions cannot be exhaustive, the position holder may be required to undertake other duties that are broadly in line with the above key duties.

Educational Background:

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Mass Communications, Digital Marketing, Business Administration, New Media / Public Relations or related fields.

Required Experience:

  • Minimum of 2 years experience as a Social Media personnel for a similar organization would be a strong advantage;
  • Experience of producing and coordinating COVID 19 related social media programs will be an added advantage.
  • Experience producing, editing and disseminating multimedia content for online audiences ideally for international brands, NGOs, or other institutions.
  • Track record in delivering effective media/communications/advocacy strategies in support of  campaigns.
  • Experience using SEO, Social Media, keyword research, Hootsuite and Union metrics
  • Excellent photo and video editing skills (MS Office essential; Adobe illustrator, Indesign and Adobe Premiere Pro) and familiarity with google package and google analytics is an asset.

Relevant Skills and Abilities:

  • Adequate knowledge Search Engine Optimization is a strong advantage.
  • A good understanding of target audience, intended outcome programming, and edutainment approaches;
  • Excellent research, proof-reading and editing (photo, text) skills.
  • Demonstrable social networking experience and knowledge of social analytics tools.
  • Strong videos and other multimedia skills.
  • Knowledge and understanding of current online marketing channels.
  • Excellent written and verbal communications skills;
  • Ability to work effectively in a team environment and strong interpersonal skills.
  • Ability to communicate in local languages will be a big advantage.

Application Closing Date
3rd August, 2020.

4) Job Title: Head of Office – North East

Location: Maiduguri, Borno
Programs: Africa – West
Full Time – International

Our Program

  • We launched our programs in Nigeria in 2004. Now in 2020, the country program has offices in Abuja, Jos, Maiduguri, and Yola. We work with partners in target states of the country. Dialogue, media and capacity building are primary tools utilized across all our programs. Each program is adapted to specific local context and conflicts, and all apply common ground tools from our toolbox.
  • Our Nigeria North East offices are currently supporting a host of programs around conflict sensitivity and peacebuilding in a humanitarian context, the Humanitarian-Development-Peace Nexus, developing an early warning and early response system, promoting the role of youth and women in preventing violent extremism, supporting return and reintegration of internally displaced people and refugees, COVID-19 Communication initiatives, and supporting social cohesion and providing psychosocial support.
  • Activities in these areas include capacity building, dialogues, peace architecture, media programming, trainings and forums targeted at other Humanitarian and Development actors, participatory theatre and collaborative joint activities.

We are searching for…

  • We are looking for a Head of Office for our North East program currently covering Borno and Adamawa states. Based in Maiduguri, with frequent travel to Yola and other field offices as well as occasional travel to field activity locations, the position will be responsible for all aspects of programmatic, financial and administrative coordination and leadership of the office and various programs.
  • Principle tasks will be to oversee the entire North East regional program portfolio, determine appropriate implementing mechanisms to achieve projects’ strategic goals, serve as the primary program liaison for donors, partners and stakeholders in the region, oversee regional-level planning and budgeting, and reporting/evaluations, ensuring compliance with management and financial procedures and overseeing and managing security of teams and organizational assets.
  • The position will report to the Country Director, and work closely with the West Africa Regional Program Manager. Working language for this position is English. The Head of Office is a Senior level position and is a members of Search Nigeria’s Leadership and Management Team (LMT).

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Represent SFCG at the regional level with partners, donors, local and international organizations, and government authorities and ensure SFCG activities are visible. In accordance with SFCG advocacy policy, advocate for common ground solutions to various conflict situations in the region;
  • Represent SFCG in strategic meetings, conferences, forums and other public events and contribute towards consolidating and raising the profile of SFCG;
  • Develop and strengthen relationships with local organizations and networks and establish national and regional strategic relations and alliances with partners and civil society working in common cause with SFCG objectives;
  • Continue Search’s engagement around the Humanitarian-Development-Peacebuilding Nexus as a key convening actor; and
  • Promote SFCG’s organizational identity and capacity to all stakeholders and partners in the North East and ensure SFCG remains relevant to the changing needs of the people who most need it.   

Program Development and Management:

  • Ensure a conscious program approach in line with the “Common Ground” principles;
  • Provide leadership and oversight to program staff charged with implementing programs;
  • Manage the field-based SFCG operations staff and program staff;
  • Contribute creative ideas for program development and provide inputs for technical and financial proposals to local and international donors ;
  • Provide content material to the Communications Team for updating the websites, as well as for quarterly program updates, newsletters, and other SFCG literature;
  • Lead in the development of the North East program, providing sound methodological and technical support to ensure use of participatory methodologies, human rights and social exclusion framework as per the organizational thematic alignment and programming approach;
  • Coordinate the program participatory annual planning and budgeting as per organizational guidelines;
  • Promote a participatory approach in programming work and create space in the structure for staff participation and involvement in decision making;
  • Oversee and coordinate the program portfolio to ensure the highest level of project quality and accountability, while fostering continuity through building local capacity and developing innovative program interventions;
  • Lead the development, implementation and monitoring of research and advocacy plan on issues of relevance in the North East aligned with SFCG’s global programmatic and policy priorities;
  • Participate in national and international campaigns in line with the advocacy plan and other relevant opportunities;
  • Facilitate trainings, researches, and learning of cross-cutting relevance to programs;
  • Ensure that participatory systems and processes for monitoring activities, results and impact assessment at program level are in place and involves the team and partners;
  • Provide continuous monitoring and support to field offices and existing projects, coordinate program reviews, evaluations, and follow up implementation of evaluation findings in close collaboration with the Design, Monitoring and Evaluation (DM&E) Manager, Program Managers and Coordinators;
  • Coordinate the production of timely and quality program reports in line with SFCG and donor requirements;
  • Support monitoring and evaluation work in collaboration with SFCG’s DM&E Manager;
  • Verify and analyze work-plans, progress reports, final reports and other data for clarity, consistency and completeness; and
  • Ensure close monitoring of the political and security environment and develop contingency plan for the office.

Donor Funding and Management:

  • Keep abreast of the trends within the donor environment in the Country and Internationally;
  • Undertake diversified local and international fundraising initiatives to strengthen program funding and sustainability;
  • Coordinate the production of good quality funding proposals and respond to call for proposal;
  • Facilitate donor visits, donor meetings, round table discussions and evaluations as necessary; and
  • Be aware of all donors conditionality in the North East programs and monitor adherence to donors conditionality

Financial Management:

  • Provide oversight to all finance and administrative services in the North East in close coordination with the Director of Finance and Administration;
  • Ensure effective implementation and compliance with the overall finance and guidance manual and compliance with procedures required by grant or contract agreements;
  • Ensure that the Project Managers and Coordinator carry out monthly budget versus expenditures analysis, make budget projections and keep up with the targeted burn rates;
  • Oversee and verify the Monthly Financial Report (MFR) from the North east program;
  • Ensure that adequate internal control mechanisms are in place; and
  • Supervise monthly financial reports according to SFCG procedures.

Human Resources Management and Organizational Development:

  • Provide leadership support to North East region staff and promote best practices in human resources management;
  • Ensure compliance with Nigerian law and SFCG procedures in admin and operations;
  • Provide leadership support for adequate implementation of the performance management system including performance objectives and planning, review, appraisal and staff development; and
  • Provide Coaching and Counseling advice to staff when necessary and lead initiatives to develop staff capacity

Information, Communication and Learning:

  • Ensure that all programs in the North East are maintaining a coordinated and agreed information exchange both internally and in its dealing with external parties;
  • Ensure that all communication infrastructures are set up in the programme and smooth information flow is maintained; and
  • Ensure that experiences, context updates and lessons learnt are documented and shared across the organization

Leadership and Accountability:

  • Attend the regular LMT meetings and contribute to the discussions around overall strategy and direction of the country program and the organization;
  • Be part of the management and leadership decision making around programmatic and operational issues.
  • Supervision: Works independently under the supervision of the Country Director and within approved strategy and policy guidelines;
  • Decision Making: Has full responsibility of decisions at the North East in line with approved policy; and
  • Responsibility over Staff: All North East staff  .

Note: As job descriptions cannot be exhaustive, the position holder may be required to undertake other duties that are broadly in line with the above key responsibilities.

Education Required:

  • Master’s degree in a relevant field such as Social Sciences, Law, Political Science, Development Studies, etc. However, a Bachelor’s degree and a minimum of five (5) years of relevant international development experience can be substituted for the Master’s degree.

Experience Required:

  • At least 8-10 years of progressively responsible experience in the successful implementation of international development activities, with preference given to conflict mitigation and/or violent extremism prevention programs – at least three (3) years of which must be in senior program management, including direct supervision of professional and support staff.  
  • Prior experience in awarding and managing sub-grants to local organizations to promote conflict mitigation, violent extremism prevention, and/or democracy and governance goals.
  • Strong knowledge of and experience in conflict transformation, dialogue, negotiation, and mediation approaches
  • Significant experience in project management at a high level in a non-profit environment
  • Demonstrated experience with budgeting, project development, fundraising, proposal and report writing, and grants management
  • Previous management experience is highly preferred.
  • Knowledge or experience of donor guidelines indispensible.
  • Experience in security management.

Other Relevant Experience:

  • Deep understanding of the social, political and conflict dynamics in Nigeria;
  • Demonstrated skills of using different conflict analysis frameworks;
  • Excellent analytical and writing skills;
  • Excellent working knowledge in English
  • Attitude for teamwork and good leadership skill
  • Knowledge using qualitative and quantitative data collection and analysis tools;
  • Knowledge of early warning systems;
  • A demonstrated commitment to high professional ethical standards and a diverse workplace; and
  • Ability to prioritize, plan and organize workflow to tight timeframes, handle multiple tasks, and be flexible with changing priorities.
  • Ability to deal with stressful situations.

Application Closing Date
14th August, 2020.

5) Job Title: Final Evaluation Consultant (Deepening Peace in the Niger-Delta)

Location: Niger Delta
Design Monitoring & Evaluation: Africa – West
Consultant – Local

About the Project

  • The “Deepening the Peace in the Niger Delta” Project is funded by the German Cooperation, to support a locally led peace architecture that is inclusive, at all levels of society. The project is in its second phase of implementation (Oct 2019 – Dec 2020), aiming to scale up impact and build on the positive results yielded from successful implementation of the project’s pilot phase (Nov 2018 – Sep 2019). In the first phase of the project, including a period of no cost extension (Jun – Sep 2019), the project focused on Bayelsa, Delta, and Rivers states, directly benefiting communities in 8 LGAS (Rivers State: Okrika, Gokana, and Port Harcourt LGAs, Bayelsa State: Southern Ijaw and Kolokuma/Opokuma LGAs, and Delta State: Warri North, Warri South-West, Isoko South LGAs).
  • This scale up phase of the project targets 20 communities in 20 LGAs in the three focus states, (Rivers State – Okrika, Gokana, Port Harcourt, Khana, Obio/Akpor, Asari-Toru and Ogba/ Egbema/Ndoni; Bayelsa State – Southern Ijaw, Kolokuma/Opokuma, Ogbia, Sagbama, Ekeremor,  and Brass), Delta State – Aniocha North,  Isoko South, Udu, Ughelli South, Ukwuani, Warri North and Warri South West) and continued to engage diverse stakeholders including Government authorities, security agencies, community leaders, women and youths, to collaboratively respond to conflict drivers in the region.
  • The overall goal of the project is to support an inclusive, multi-level dialogue process to peacefully address governance and resource issues driving conflict in the Niger Delta. This project goal is being achieved through two specific objectives and corresponding outcomes:

Objective 1

  • Strengthen linkages between citizens and local authorities in the Niger Delta to respond to drivers of violence in the region.

Expected Outcomes:

  • People of the Niger Delta, including militants and ex-militants, feel that cooperation between them and local authorities is strengthened;
  • Platforms for collaborative response to underlying conflict issues by communities,  government, and security are established in project LGAs

Objective 2

  • Amplify the voices of key stakeholders, particularly women, youth and marginalized groups to contribute to discussions around regional conflict issues and promote peace in the Niger Delta region.

Expected Outcomes:

  • 2.1 Journalists and civil society organizations increase their capacity to report on elections and manage rumours;
  • 2.2 Increase in the number of voices of women, youth and marginalized groups contributing to discussions on regional conflict issues in the Niger Delta; and
  • 2.3 Increase in public awareness and support for peace in the Niger Delta

Purpose of the Final Evaluation:

  • Building understanding and trust is the most critical precondition to peace building. With the growing population and resultant lack of control of resources such as land and crude oil proceeds, communities in the Niger Delta are prone to conflicts over these resources. In the absence of understanding and trust, intra and inter-communal clashes are rife and further clashes with the Oil Producing Companies are also common. This project recognizes that if members of communities are empowered with non-violence means of resolving conflicts and embrace dialogues, and thus develop locally-owned and sustained mechanisms for conflict prevention and dispute resolution, the risk of intergroup violence will be reduced and norms and institutions favourable towards peace and reconciliation will be reinforced.
  • To this end, the final evaluation will provide information on the relevance, effectiveness and sustainability of the project, for internal accountability and learning which will be used for designing, planning and implementation of future programs and for accountability to donors.
  • The evaluation will also determine the level of adherence to the planned activities and associated results planned during project implementation.

Objectives of the Final Evaluation are to:

  • To determine the project’s contribution and impact in achievement minimizing conflicts arising from governance and resource issues
  • To document outcomes/impact in line with all project expected outcomes and objectives.
  • To determine the extent to which the project is having an impact on gender and inclusion dynamics, specifically the role of women, youth and marginalized groups in peace building in the communities.
  • To determine the capacity and motivation of project beneficiaries to sustain the gains of the intervention especially the platforms created by the project after the lifespan of the project.
  • To provide an overview of the strengths, weaknesses, challenges and gaps in the project implementation, and recommendations for addressing the weaknesses and challenges which will inform future programming.
  • To provide and share actionable lessons learned and recommendations for the design and implementation of future projects.

Lines of inquiry will be determined more in detail and should include:

  • How relevant were the project strategies, activities and partnerships to the specific context and objectives of the project?
  • How relevant were the project strategies, activities and partnerships to the result of the project?


  • To what extent can changes (intended/unintended, positive/negative) be attributed to the program?  
  • What particular features of the program have made a difference in the governance and resource issue conflict in the communities?  
  • What is the influence of other factors and conflict context on the impact of the project?


  • To what extent were the objectives of the intervention achieved?  
  • What components of the intervention have been more successful and what components proved to be more challenging?


  • To what extent are the benefits of the program likely to persist after donor funding ceased?
  • What are the major factors that are influencing the sustainability of the program?
  • If the project has contributed to strengthening the linkage between the citizens and local authorities to address the drivers of conflict, how sustainable are these linkages?


  • Using Search’s tools and guidelines for working with project beneficiaries, the study will bring the perspectives of different stakeholders together through a participatory and solutions-oriented process that specifically includes women, youth, and other marginalized groups.
  • The evaluation will be conducted using a mixed methodology that includes both qualitative and quantitative data collection and analysis methods. This will allow for the triangulation of information, allowing for in-depth findings and recommendations. The study, from conception to recommendations will be grounded on conflict sensitivity and Do No Harm principles, to ensure that the needs of women and youths are met, in ways that do not entrench dividing lines between various groups in the community.
  • Operationalization of this proposed methodology is to be clearly stated in the application, detailing how this research and methodology is actionable in the states and to the purpose of the evaluation. In addition, the application should include details on logistics and roll-out of the study: who the target respondents will be and why, how will they be identified or recruited, how data collection and data quality assurance will be carried out, as well as how data analysis will be done.
  • The inception and final reports will be developed by the consultant and/or team, and reviewed and approved by Search. The tools will be administered by the consultant and/ or team, working with a team of data collectors, while the data will be analyzed by the consultant and/or team chosen to perform this research. In addition, the consultant and/or team chosen will develop the report with guidance and reviews by Search’s DMEL team.


  • An inception report detailing the proposed method, study matrix, and work plan. It is to be approved by Search’s DMEL staff before starting data collection.
  • Research tools and data collection (developed by the candidate and/or team with the input of Search’s DMEL staff)
  • Draft report for review by Search staff and other stakeholders
  • Final Report, consisting of but not excluded to: Executive Summary, Methodology, Findings and Analysis, Conclusions, Lessons Learned and Recommendations. The report should be structured according to the evaluation questions and should include information on:
  • All data collected for this research including audios and transcripts for all interviews, and quantitative data entered in a template, based on the methodology used
  • Appendices, including data collection tools and list of interviewees
  • A power-point presentation summarizing the report’s findings

Required Profile

  • At least 6 years’ experience in Monitoring, Evaluation, Reporting and Learning (MERL), Project implementation, impact and result assessment.
  • Prior experience conducting research is essential
  • 5 years or more of experience in evaluations and large-scale qualitative studies with international organizations;
  • Experience working in the Niger Delta of Nigeria and familiarity with the context with focus on Bayelsa, Delta and Rivers States.
  • Experience in evaluating programs relating to community development, peacebuilding, and conflict resolution;
  • Strong analytical skills;
  • Excellent written communication and report writing skills in English;
  • Demonstrated experience in leading large scale research in the specific context of the Delta state, including ability to train and work with a locally recruited research team;
  • Knowledge of languages indigenous to the Niger Delta state such as basic pidgin English will be an added advantage;
  • Ability to be flexible with time and work schedule.

Logistical Support:

  • Transmission of background materials (project proposal, meeting notes, etc.);
  • Availability of meeting rooms in Delta and Bayelsa, as required;

Budget and Terms of Engagement:

  • All logistic costs, including transportation and lodging will NOT be borne by Search and should be included in the proposed budget.
  • 5% withholding tax will be deducted at source from the total cost of the consultancy fee for a firm.

The consultant is required to respect the following Ethical Principles:

  • Comprehensive and systematic inquiry: Consultant should make the most of the existing information and full range of stakeholders available at the time of the review. Consultant should conduct systematic, data-based inquiries. He or she should communicate his or her methods and approaches accurately and in sufficient detail to allow others to understand, interpret and critique his or her work. He or she should make clear the limitations of the review and its results.
  • Competence: Consultant should possess the abilities and skills and experience appropriate to undertake the tasks proposed and should practice within the limits of his or her professional training and competence.
  • Honesty and integrity: Consultant should be transparent with the contractor/constituent about: any conflict of interest, any change made in the negotiated project plan and the reasons why those changes were made, any risk that certain procedures or activities produce misleading review information.
  • Respect for people: Consultant respect the security, dignity and self-worth of respondents, program participants. Consultant has the responsibility to be sensitive to and respect differences amongst participants in culture, religion, gender, disability, age and ethnicity.
  • In addition, the consultant will respect SFCG’s evaluations standards, to be found in SFCG’s evaluation guidelines:

Application Closing Date
30th July, 2020.

How to Apply
Interested and qualified candidates should:
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Copyright @2020.