Tecno and Infinix can do better!

Smartphones are getting better all over the world. Benchmarks like antutu, DxoMark and Geekbench can attest to this. They have also become more expensive to the extent of crossing the $1,000 mark as seen in the Samsung S20 ultra of today.

Samsung S20 Ultra

Smartphones are often categorized into entry level, budget, midrange, flagship killers and flagship. These categories represent the amount of money customers are willing to pay for their smartphones. Today, a budget smartphone can give the satisfaction that a flagship of 3 years ago would. This means that budget smartphones are getting better. Budget phones from brands like Samsung, Vivo, Oppo, Umidigi, Moto, Xiaomi and the rest all come with 1080p resolution screens. Tecno and Infinix used to offer the same! So what happened?

Infinix Note 7

Tecno Camon 15

I have used the Tecno camon 9. I bought it 3 years ago and it had a 1080p screen or full hd screen and a micro USB port. Fast forward to 2020, the latest camon 15 has a downgraded 720p screen and still sports a micro USB. Same as Infinix note 7! Why?

The world has moved on. Most phones now use type C ports and a full hd screen in the budget categories. Apple is notorious for going against the grain in their budget offerings but you can’t compare the overall feel and top notch performance in both its software and cameras.

The Nigerian smartphone market is big enough and I would want Infinix and Tecno to match up with the trends in the market asides phone cosmetics. This is going to be beneficial to you and I as consumers if you know what I mean. I will always choose the Redmi note 9 over the Tecno Camon 15 or Infinix note 7 despite a little price difference of the former. I don’t even want to start on the class of Mediatek SoCs used by Tecno and Infinix. That’s talk for another day.

Redmi Note 9 pro 

I have a dream where these smartphone makers that helped most Nigerians own a presentable smartphone join the race to help Nigerians get the best value for their hard earned money.

I sure appreciate the roles that Infinix and Tecno has played in the Nigerian smartphone market but to be honest, they can do better.

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Copyright @2020. cmerije.com